How to get around Seville and see the sights.

In our case, as Hotel Doña Lina is located in the heart of the Old Historic Town which is not too big, it is easier to go on foot, since most of the City Centre is pedestrian and it will take you about 20 – 25 min to cross from one end of the old town to the other.

Also, do not forget that one of the pleasures of Seville is to walk through its streets admiring its beauty and charm. The walking distances between the most important monuments of the city are very short since most of them are located in the same area, for example, El Real Alcazar is next to the Cathedral, the Giralda and the Archivo de Indias. The Medieval Jewish Quarter of Santa Cruz where our HOTEL DOÑA LINA is, is within walking distance of all de main sight.

From the Cathedral, it takes 6 min walk to the Plaza de Toros and, from there, it is another 6 minutes to the picturesque Neighbourhood of Triana. From the Cathedral, it is a 10 min walk to the Casa de Pilatos. Walking 8 minutes more from the Casa de Pilatos, you can reach both the Setas of Seville (Metropol Parasol) and the Palacio de las Dueñas and one of the most secluded attractions is probably the monumental Plaza de España next to Maria Luisa Park, which is about a 20 minutes walk from the Cathedral.

As you can see everything is very accessible and when you want to move through other areas outside the Historic Center, there are other good modes of transport, from conventional ones such as the Urban Bus (TUSSAM) or Tourist, the Metro, Taxis (UBER / CABIFY), to the most unique, for the most daring, such as the bicycle, horse carriages, segway, electric scooters, with this type of transport you will have more freedom to get lost in its atmospheric streets and to better enjoy the climate.



The public company of Urban Transport of Seville is called TUSSAM (currently they are burgundy, but they have gone through several colour changes). There are approximately 70 urban lines that run throughout the city. Personally, I would not recommend taking a bus unless you stay outside the center.

But there are also Extra Bus Services for special events, such as the Seville Fair; or to the Airport (EA) which is very useful for tourists, there is also a stop very close to the Hotel Doña Lina.

The Tourist Buses (which are green and red) have an established itinerary for the main attractions of Seville, which will allow you to visit them at your own pace with an audio-guide, in different languages, which will tell you interesting anecdotes of the city. It is ideal for many reasons, if you don´t have much time to get to know Seville, to rest from the heat and continue to see the city, (the tour lasts an hour and a half and you don´t have to get off in you don´t want to).


Line 1, the first and only metro line in Seville (although the next line is currently being planned), crosses Seville Capital from Mairena del Aljarafe to Dos Hermanas. It is fast and comfortable if you are in a Hotel on the outskirts of Seville. The stations where we advise you to get off to visit the center are: Puerta de Jerez, next to the Torre del Oro, Prado de San Sebastián, next to the Plaza de España, or Plaza de Cuba, to visit the Neighbourhook of Triana.


This line connects San Bernardo with Plaza Nueva, the nerve center of the city, through San Fernando Street and Constitucion Avenue (there is the project to extend it to Santa Justa train station). It is a good idea to take this metro if we are tired or our feet hurt, but not if we are in a hurry (at the beginning when it was made, many Sevillians were amused because if you started to walk next to it, you were faster than the Metro, you may think that it is an Andalusian exaggeration, but I will leave it to you in case you want to check it out). An interesting fact: Its round trip time is 22 minutes (it has 5 stops) and it goes at an approximate speed of 10 km.


There are several taxi companies in Seville, the rates are the same, since they are regulated by the City Council of Seville. Taxis are a comfortable way to get around as long as you don’t catch them at peak times. Although they cost more than public transport, they are not that expensive either. Taxis in Seville can be easily identified because they are white with a diagonal yellow line on the side. You can stop them on the street when they have a green light or catch it at one of the stops that are distributed around the city or call them by phone.

You can find the contact numbers below.

Contact telephone numbers:

Radio Taxi Giralda +34 954 675 555

Tele Taxi Sevilla +34 954 622 222

Radio Taxi +34 954 580 000

However, there is another option, as in so many other Spanish and European cities, both Uber and Cabify are available in the city – their prices are similar -, which join the wide range of taxis already existing in the city.


If you are sporty and you want to enjoy the climate of Seville, it is a good idea to hire a bike and see Seville at your own pace, since Seville has many km of bike lane and a fundamental feature is that it is flat and even allows you to link to routes and green areas in the nearby town.

One small drawback may be that when you want to get off, you have to be careful where you leave it as some bikes have been known to disappear!

There are several rental options, there is the public company “Sevici” which has 2,500 bicycles at the disposal of the client, distributed in 250 Parking Areas and for visitors to the city or occasional users the Short Term Passis available. It can be purchased at all Sevici stations with a credit card, but for me it is not highly recommended since the bicycles are very heavy and of the same size. On the other hand, there are many private bicycle rental companies where you choose the one that suits you best.


Another more typical option in Seville is to ride in a Horse and Carriage, which allows you to enjoy its streets and monuments. The tour usually lasts 45 minutes and your coachman gives you data during the tour. If you have never ridden on one it is a pleasant experience.

Contact telephone numbers:


+34 635 554 410 / +34 620 867 177



They are other fun options. There are several companies that are dedicated to this type of rental. In the case of Segways, you are also accompanied by a guide, who gives you a sightseeing tour. It is highly recommended, when I did it I loved it, it was also not as difficult as it seemed and it is another new experience.

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