For those people who do not know Seville, in my opinion, I would say that to get to know the city thoroughly you need a lifetime, since as they say Seville is the city of feelings, colors, flavors, smells, and whole a host of other things.

Although one characteristic than can help us a lot, is that Seville is “relatively small” compared to other large cities in the world, so in a few days you can get a perfect idea of its charm, which will stay with us for a lifetime.

Here is the first piece of advice, if you are going to be in Seville for a weekend or just passing through, you should take the tourist bus that gives you a panoramic view of the city, it has the advantage of being able to stop at all the stops and take photos of all the fantastic places and then you can catch it again and move on to the next one.

In these cases, it would not be a good idea to queue up to visit the main monuments such as the Cathedral you would lose much of the day and Seville has so much to offer.

Another tip is, when you have lunch and dinner, it´s a good idea to mix with the local people to enjoy the atmosphere and visit its picturesque neighborhoods and enjoy the typical tapas with a cold beer, do not go for dinner and lock yourself in the hotel to rest, YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO DO THIS WHEN YOU RETURN HOME!!

And the last tip of this blog is that, it is not the same to visit a site in the morning as at night, although it seems silly the atmosphere changes a lot, especially the lighting, the smells, the charm and the magic of a Sevillian night.

Well, as there are so many things to do and know about Seville, in the next articles we will dedicate ourselves getting to know a little more about all aspect of this wonderful city: cultural, gastronomic, historical, artistic, urban, and the festivities and their traditions, as well as the many events that we have in our vibrant city.

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